Precious Prince Design de Terra Basic Pack

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Terra Basic Pack Modular user-replaceable modular color planter:

Set of 32 corners, 16 sides, 4 base, 4 water collection tray, 16 fixing clips, 1 manual, 4 Terra Bag (for interior and vertical garden)
Capacity: approx 80 liters
Size: 136x34x34cm

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Precious desing de Terra Basic Pack: Stackable modules

Terra Basic® Pack of white and Green L-shaped Lime with a white high pillar and a module under lime green.

This figure in stackable modules gives rise to high plants or hanging gardens in column through their lateral holes, creating beautiful vertical gardens. Suitable for cornering, it will seem incredible to harmonize the space where the acciertes put for simplicity, clean lines and geometric shapes and careful use of color.


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