Terra Basic new concept

Terra Basic, awarded as Good Practice 2015 by the Design for All Foundation


The Terra Basic created for JAN EcoSystems is a completely new gardening system designed for the user to use and implement it as you want.

It is a modular heavy duty planter for building environments easily; therefore Terra Basic merges two great concepts, gardening and decoration and can be used in public, home, work spaces, indoors or outdoors.

With Terra Basic we created entirely malleable floor boxes that become by joining them a totally innovative and revolutionary system. These so-called Terra Basic Packs made by two or more floor boxes Terra Basic offer you countless options to design your garden spaces. No matter if you use it for vegetables, flowers, in urban spaces or on countryside

terrabasic verde

Terra Basic brighten up insides and outsides, like public spaces, your home or office. Terra Basic is the fusion of horticulture and Decorative Art. Let the artist in you come out and personalize your living or working spaces due to the wide colour gamut of each of our products and the option of three-dimensional construction.

terrabasic blanco

Terra Basic measures 13,1×13,1×13,1 inch and its deadweight is about 5lb, not including accessories like castors or columns. The product is delivered in the Terra Basic Box, a resistant and recyclable cardboard box that can serve you later on as a storage for your gardening tools.

The Terra Basic Box includes 4 side parts, one base, one drawer and 8 angular pieces. Terra Basic is designed for everyone. Design your garden space in a few minutes thanks to the simple construction method, known as “Easy-Kit”.

Terra Basic is made of shock-proof and weatherproof as well as UV-resistant material and is entirely recyclable. Side and angular parts are made of ABS, in engineering fields well-known as a wheatherproof, age-resistant and anti-yellowing plastic. In contrast to most of plastic materials ABS is a very resistant one that maintains its colorfastness even after a long period of exterior use. We are striving for an age-resistant, long-lasting horticulture system. The less visible parts, like base and drawer that are less exposed to sun, are made of polypropylene plastic.

terrabasic rojo con columnas


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