4 Black Wheels

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Allow your Terra Basic® and a Terra Terra® Pack to be mobile by adding wheels to the base. You will be able to move with incredible ease your garden by the patio or the interior of your house. Two of the wheels include a brake, which once activated will prevent your Terra Basic® from moving undesirably. They are also wheels suitable for delicate floors. Each wheel: Dimensions: 50 mm outside diameter, 11 x 20 mm spigot with oppressor ring. Weight: 80 gr. Material: Polypropylene wheel core, thermoplastic rubber band and plain bushing. Made in Spain (manufactured by Tente Ruedas SA).

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Diverse and individual – the right wheel solution for every application

It was with the invention of the wheel that humankind’s progress really got going. Now life without this discovery would be inconceivable. Next to nothing in our daily lives works without wheels – whether at home or in the workplace. Goods have to be transported, the sick moved around and construction cranes relocated.

TENTE can not only supply you with the right castors, but can also supply you with the appropriate wheels for your application. Our wide range of products includes a multitude of reliable wheels perfectly matched to the needs of our customers. They have different diameters according to the field of application, and are manufactured from various high-quality materials, such as plastic or solid rubber. Choose hard wheels for soft floors and soft wheels for hard floors, for example – or opt for our hybrid wheel that combines the properties of both types of wheels thanks to its hard polyamide tread and soft rubber core.