Orange stackable

Modular stacking Terra Basic Pack

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User-configurable modular container

Set of 32 corners, 16 sides, 4 bases, 4 trays collect water, 16 fixing clips, 1 manual, 4 bags Terra Bag (for interior and vertical garden)

Capacity: approx 80 liters Size: 136x34x34cm

Module unity

measures: 33x33x33 mm (13,1×13,1×13,1 inc)

weigth: 2,275 g (5LB)

Material: side and angular parts: ASA plastic; Base and drawer: polypropilene

Recyclable Level: ASA plastic: 7, Polypropilene: 5





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Terra Basic Pack

Stackable color modular containers

Red and orange in the shape of L.
With a high stackable orange pillar and a low red module.
This figure gives us to place tall plants or hanging gardens as a vertical tower, suitable for cornering. You will find it incredible that they harmonize the space where the aciertes put by the simplicity, the cleaning of the lines and geometric forms and the careful use of the color.

Let the artist in you come out and make your space reflect your personal style whit TerraBasic. Enjoy urban gardering and grow your own tomatoes on your balcony. Choose your office colours to decorate your work space. Limit your working area. Give your living room a new look or use flower boxes to divide the terrace.


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