Terra Basic® Pack white and red

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Terra Basic® Pack

User-adjustable, Terra Basic Pack white and red, we love to be a combination of colors that you can choose in three dimensions. Give an innovative aesthetic with the design colors you choose for your home, office, terrace or balcony, do not give up your mini garden or your lush garden give personality to your environment

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Modular modular gardening in red-white-gray colors Enjoy modular gardening with this pre-configured Terra Basic® Pack. But do not sit with your hands tied, you can combine the Terra Basic® modules as you want without the need to mount this configuration precisely. Do it high or wide. Explore your needs and decide what is best for you.

Set of 24 corners, 12 sides, 3 base, 3 water collection tray, 12 fixing clips, 1 manual, 3 Terra Bag (for interior and vertical garden)
Lets build vertical gardens
Weight: 6.825 gr
Capacity: approx 60 liters
Size: 102x34x34cm
Material: ASA plastic for side and corner pieces, polypropylene for base piece and tray
Grade recyclability: 7 for plastic ASA and 5 for polypropylene.
Resistant UV rays.

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